Oh hi there,
If you've been wondering why there's been delays or slow down in working my designs and 3d project i was actually in the background constructing and modding a micro 1/24 scaled version of R/C Rock Crawler which i purchased from online stores.  I bought RCTRAX MINIQLO and did some mods to create more detailed scaled version of micro rcok crawler.  I think this so called "away from computer  handy work" is crucial because its really give me inpiration to learn more about Rock Crawling mechanism via R/C activity before i proceed building rock crawling VEXUVIUS model  to greater heights in Z-modeler.  You can call this R/C real scaled model project as part of David's R & D section in SupermotoXL Designs development.  I put few K's of $ buck like 2.4Ghz technology, computerised ESC sets, servos and some goodies to keep me busy.  You can visit my blog to see what up with me in the background.  The 1/24 scale models outline appearance really look almost like VEXUVIUS eh?...minus the HUMMER body shell.  For fans and modelers out there who tune in to this site keep on monitoring because i always put  an easter egg at random times plus some twitter news daily.  For those people who waited for RS1,  its already up in the public but i hide the info and sneek peek inside the website either here, blog or somewhere else for those who are desparate.  However RS1 only fully be release on my birthday, full sneek peek will be much earlier than that.  Cheers.